Where to Begin Your Loan Application in Dallas

I decided to apply for a home loan at a big bank, one that has a branch on every corner. Today, I want to share my experience with you and explain why I don't recommend going to big banks for home loans.

Not only did it take up to twenty minutes sitting in the lobby waiting for a banker, when I met with one, they didn't even know how to handle a loan application. For thirty minutes, I got shuffled from person to person until they finally printed a loan application for me!

Here's what they said would happen: Once I filled out the application, I would have to fax it to their central department, which is in a completely different state. Then, seven to nineteen days later, someone would get back to me and let me know what to do from there.

This is why we recommend that you use our loan officer. They will take your loan application over the phone and tell you in 30 minutes why you can or cannot buy a home right now.

Big banks may take seven to ten days to even get assigned to a loan officer. If you need to get a home loan or pre-approval, please talk to us. You need to get a pre-approval before you go out shopping for homes. By the time a big bank figures out your loan application, the property you had your eye on might be already gone.

If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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