What to Know When Buying a New Home in Dallas

Newly-constructed homes are excellent choices if you want a custom-built, quality home. They’re great investments for the future, but there are some things you should know before going out and buying one from the builder.

  1. Builders like to work with real estate agents. More than 85% of homebuyers are working with agents, and this should be no exception when you purchase a new home. Agents often have pre-existing relationships with builders, so this makes the negotiation and the entire transaction much simpler.
  2. Find out what it’s going to cost to buy a new home versus a pre-owned home. In the DFW area, buying a new home over a similar-sized resale home will cost you up to 20% more, and this does not account for builder upgrades either. Be prepared to pay more, but also know that you’re getting a product that is higher in quality.

    New homes cost more, but
    you’re paying for the quality.

  3. Check out the home before closing. Even new homes can have problems, so you should always have them inspected. Our clients recently had a home inspected that was not up to par, so it’s important to get everything inspected. It seems odd that a brand new home would have problems, but trust me, they can and they will.

If you need help finding a new home in the DFW area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s costing less to build new homes now than it ever has before, and interest rates are mighty low. That makes now a perfect time to purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you!