Top 5 Places to Spend Money to Increase Your Home Value

Top 5 Places to Spend Money 
to Increase Your Home Value

1. Flooring - Flooring can be the single largest dollar-for-dollar return on investment you can make to increase your home value. Worn or stained carpet, outdated tile and grout lines, and poor installation jobs can negatively affect your home value. In the Dallas area carpet pricing starts around $1.25/sqft with pad installed, tile and hand-scraped hardwoods at around $5/sqft.  

2. Painting/Texture - A freshly painted house is vital to attracting the highest value for your home. The idea here is not to please everyone, but rather appeal to the largest section of buyers possible. Neutral colors should replace personal favorites (ie. blue, pink, purple, green. etc), and the only people that want old floral wallpaper are our grandmothers.

3. Kitchens - A fabulously updated kitchen may be the norm in your neighborhood.  Be careful here, because some neighborhoods may not warrant the granite counters and custom cabinets. In many neighborhoods we see in the Dallas area, a brand new kitchen can mean more 10% in pricing.

4. Bathrooms - Cultured marble may have been stylish in 1976, but nowadays granite is in.  Large tiles and slim grout lines bring bathrooms into the 21st century. Also in vogue are seamless shower surrounds, jetted tubs, and framed mirrors.

5. Fixtures - NO BRASS! Most buyers aren't aware of what is making the home "feel old", but many times it is because of the fixtures. For less than $1000 you can change out all of the doorknobs and light fixtures and give the home an overall facelift.

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