Why should sellers have their home inspected before listing?

Why should you inspect your property 
BEFORE listing for sale?

Condition & Showability are one of 3 key factors that must be addressed when trying to get top dollar for your home.  No matter what kind of market you are in, you are always in a Price War and a Beauty Contest.  And this is why it is essential to know the true condition of your property prior to listing.

Think about it.  Your negotiating power is almost entirely exhausted once you have an executed contract in hand, and the typical buyer is not going to perform any due diligence on the property until they know for certain the property is contractually theirs.  Generally, the only place for the negotiations to go after this is backwards.

The biggest reason that sales fall apart is because of inspections.  Inspecting the property ahead of time allows the seller to make any necessary repairs and get the deal killers out of the way to move toward a successful transaction.

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