Ninja Negotiating Strategies for Buyers in a Low-Inventory Market

Ninja Negotiating Strategies 
for Buyers in a Low-Inventory Market

We have super-low inventory in the Dallas area market, and that means homebuyers have a lot of competition.  Multiple offers, over asking price sales, and homes going under contract in a matter of hours are just a few things buyers have to deal with today.

So how do buyers position themselves to get their offers accepted?  Believe it or not, it's not always about price.

1. No Financing Contingency

If a buyer is FULLY APPROVED for their home loan, then a seller is much more likely to choose the offer than someone who is bidding a higher price but still needs to apply for financing.  This means that the buyer has already turned in tax returns, bank statements, verified funds and employment, and received underwriting approval.  This is the next best thing to a cash offer in the seller's eyes.

2. Shorter Option Period

In Texas, our contracts do not include an "inspection period".  Instead, we have what is called an option period.  This is negotiated between the buyer and seller and allows for the buyer to terminate the contract within a certain period of time.  Offering a higher option price and shorter days can show good faith for a seller and can push an offer over the edge versus others.

3. Free Leaseback to the Seller

On occupied homes, the sellers may need some time to move.  Especially since they might have to compete in the same type of market for their next home.  Giving the seller some extra time after closing at no cost can be a great way to have the seller choose an offer over another.

These are just a few tricks that we advise our clients to use to help them win, but it is the buyer's decision.  Knowing the market is half the battle!

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Q1 2015 DFW Housing Market Update

Q1 2015 DFW Housing Market Update

The market is in full Spring-time swing, and things are just as hot as they were this time last year.  Let's take a look at the current market stats:

Days on Market:

Median days on market rose 11.5% DFW wide to 29 days.  That's not too bad.  Sellers can expect to sell in less than 30 days if priced correctly.  Buyers need to jump on properties quickly in order to find themselves in the home they want.


The amount of residential real estate for sale fell another 13.9% to 3.1 months.  This is still a low since the bubble burst in 2007-2008, and the key indicator to follow for price appreciation.  Anything below 4-5 months represents a "seller's market".


The story that everyone always wants to know is "Where are home prices?"  Well...they're up!  DFW's median home price rose another 7.9% in Q1 2015 to $189,900.  Buyers should buy now!

Sales Activity:

Sales have definitely slowed, even though consumer confidence remains high.  Only up 1.6%, 90,263 residential sales occurred in DFW over the past 12 months.  Sales remain flat mainly because inventory is so low.


Advice for Buyers:

If you have been wanting to buy...BUY NOW!  Don't wait any longer.  It will only become more expensive over the coming years with rising prices compounded by rising mortgage rates.  In addition, rents have been on the rise as overall housing inventory shrinks.  

Our VIP Buyer Program will take care of your entire buying strategy, including inspections, appraisals, financing, insurance, etc.  We will help you find the best home while saving you $1000's in unnecessary expenses. 

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Advice for Sellers:

If you've been waiting for prices to increase, here we are!  Take advantage of this great seller's market and get top price for your home!

We're so confident that we can sell your home in 59 days, we guarantee it.  We offer a list of innovative services that the average real estate agent doesn't have to offer.  If you've been wanting to sell, call us today!

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