What is the Title Company's Role in Real Estate Sales?

What is the Title Company's Role in the 
Real Estate Sales Process?

It has come to my attention over my years in the real estate business that consumers generally are confused about many aspects of the sales process.  The title company's role in the process seems to be one of those areas of the greatest confusion.  

So what's the big deal?  Don't you just make an offer and sign some documents?  Not so fast!

The title company plays a very important role, indeed.  Their job primarily is to ensure the that the chain of title is clear for the new buyer, and to also insure the title.  

Lots of research goes into the process.  From gathering tax information, to helping settle past accounts, the title company not only researches the chain of title but most importantly issues insurance guaranteeing the chain of title.  This is most important to buyers receiving a mortgage for their new property.

Here at Scott Neal Real Estate, our preferred title company and closer is North American Title in Garland, TX with Shelly Hooper, Escrow Officer.  Shelly can be reached at 214-703-9607, shooper@nat.com.

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Top 11 reasons sellers should list during the holidays - UPDATE!

Absolute proof that homes sell during the holidays!!!

On December 16, we executed a purchase contract for one of our sellers.  The closing won't occur until January sometime, but the point remains that this happened during the months that many think are the worst to list.

This is Texas!  We don't usually get snowed in and we still want to go out.  It's true that there is a seasonal curve, but year after year homes still sell during the holidays.

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Top 11 reasons sellers should list during the holidays

1. By selling now, you will have the opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the spring.  This will make you a much stronger buyer.

2. We can help delay your closing or negotiate an extended occupancy to help make the transition smoother.

3. Even though your house will be on the market, you still have the ability to restrict showings during inopportune times.

4. Many companies start new employees in January.  Relocation buyers moving to the area don't have the luxury of waiting to purchase.

5. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax purposes.

6. Buyers have more time to look than during normal work weeks.

7. Many buyers become more emotional during the holidays, and are less likely to haggle.

8. Houses that are decorated for the holidays help to play into the holiday emotions.

9. As inventory starts to increase after January, existing inventory becomes less desirable.  This decreases the chances of selling.

10. Serious buyers have less to choose from because of the lower inventory.  Less inventory means higher prices!

11. Buyers shopping for homes during the holidays are the most serious and motivated buyers in the market all year long.

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