Why Sell During the Holidays in Dallas?

Contrary to popular belief, the real estate market doesn't disappear during the winter. A lot of people wait until the spring because they mistakenly believe that homes don't sell during the fourth quarter. This is one of the biggest myths in real estate, and I'm going to give you some cold hard facts today.

Inventory experiences a seasonal dip during the fourth quarter, which means that there are fewer homes for sale. This puts you in a great position as a seller because buyers will have less home to choose from. This increases your chances to sell quickly and for more money.

After the New Year, people will start to put their homes on the market and you'll lose out on the opportunity to have a low level of competition. Now is the time to list your home if you've been thinking about it lately.

Another consideration to take in mind is that buyers are far more motivated to purchase during this time of year. They may need to buy for tax purposes, or they may have been transferred for work. Either way, they are often desperate to find a place to live and will be easy to work with in a transaction.

The market is working in your favor right now, so hop off the fence and get your home listed. We would be very happy to help you! We guarantee to sell your home in 59 days or we'll buy it.

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